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The Inspiration Behind Grimm Visions

Tracy’s interest in myths and legends began before she can even remember. Combined with her love of these "fantasies" is a love of the natural world.

Growing up in Florida she has witnessed first hand the destruction that mankind's unbridled growth causes on the surrounding natural world.Exposure to these and other harsh realities at a young age has led her to often feel as if the human race has become spoiled and forgotten how to coexist with the natural world around them. We take for granted what we have and assume it will always be there.

Old tales used to warn humans of the dangers of abusing or neglecting nature, as well as other dangers. The Grimm Brothers were some of the last to try to preserve these tales in their original form. The tales they collected were full of danger and at times gruesome violence. They were not really children’s tales. And in time parents feared the tales were too harsh for children and even the Grimm tales were retold in a softer tone. Eventually a mouse took many of the tales for its own and wrapped them up in pretty boys with happily ever after. The real stories were nearly lost or changed beyond recognition.

The original tales, collected nearly two hundred years ago by those brothers provide much of the inspiration for her work. For faeries were not always mankind’s benefactors. The path was often wrought with unimaginable dangers, and sometimes happy endings couldn’t' be found.

If we can't remember what we've forgotten our arrogance could be our undoing.

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