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All Photography by Tracy L. Cornettt
Website design by Tracy L. Cornett
Make and Costuming by Tracy L. Cornett unless otherwise noted

Frog Prince

Girl: Kim Dellner
Frog: Froggie
Frog Wrangler: Jeremy Reinhard

Captive Fae

Girl: Erica Dean
Fairy: Anna Campagnone
Cat: Goober Von Uberstein
Fairy Horde: Erica Dean, Anna Campagnone, Jeremy Reinhard

Little Red

Little Red: Kimberly Luffman
Wolf: Maximus Von Pinkerton
Cat: Simon

My Faeries Will Beat Up Your Faeries

Wood Faerie: Marliese Leitner
Fire Faerie: Emilia Maria
Cosmic Faerie: Erica Dean
Beat Up Faerie #1: Kim Dellner
Beat Up Faerie #2: Carrie K

Vampire: Erica Dean
Dark Angel: Mario Marsicovetere
Annoir: Jeremy Reinhard
Will-o-Wisp: Erica Dean
Red Angel: Maurice Murrell

Pixie: Marliese Leitner
Leanan Sidhe: Carrie K
Morgan Le Fey: Aleta Pardalis
Huldre: Kim Dellner
Modern Troll: J S Walker

Costume, Makeup and/or Location Assitance for the following images provided by Rhonda Napoleon

Luidag: Bethany Price
Gwyllion: Ashley Coll
Desert Troll: Kayla Masters
Huldre: Kim Dellner
Desert Faerie: Chris
Desert Angel: Daniel James
Nereid: Cherece Laperuta
Little Miss Muffet: Kim Cadwallader

Special Thanks to:
Jeremy Reinhard
Susan Cornett
Tobey Cornett

Retail Outlets

Purple Moon, Dunedin, FL


Best Reality Artist: ShowMeCon 2004
Honorable Mention: WillyCon 2005
2nd Place: B/W: Necronomicon 2005
Best Photo: DragonCon 2007
Honorable Mention: Great Day in the Country 2007

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